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Cerbera (AJP8 & SP6)325420 *T
T350325420 *T 
Tamora 325420 *T
Tuscan325420 *T
Sagaris325420 *T
*T Add price below for tappet adjustment          
Cerbera AJP8 Tappet adjustment225 (5hrs)
Speed 6 Tappet adjustment180 (4hrs)

Oil and Filter Change Only

TVR engine

Ajp £75.20 Full Syn (Inc Labour)
Sp6 £82.20 Full Syn (Inc Labour)
Rv8 £60.90 Semi Syn (Inc Labour)
All Weather Wax Proof £60.00
Labour Rate: £45.00
Book aow and all full services include a free full chassis wax proof treatment
We Offer a Part Service or 'Check and Advise Customer'
We Also Offer Pre Purchase Car Inspections from £45.00
All prices quoted in UK pounds and are subject to VAT

TVR Tyre Supply and Fitting

With over thirty years of experience at the TVR Factory between them Paul and Heath have a wealth of knowledge that enables them to deliver to the extremely high standards expected by owners of a high performance vehicle such as a TVR

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